Best way to work with samples like in FL Studio?


Ever since I started to produce music I worked with FL Studio. I just bought Cubase a few weeks ago bc I felt I needed something with more possibilities, as well as something I can work with video. Now, what I always liked in FL Studio is that it was very easy and quick to load in samples and edit them (with ADSR, layering methods). From what I know now in cubase is that you first have to search them via Mediabay and load them in an audiotrack. I find this process quite time-consuming and Im looking for a better way to find and load in samples (in FL Studio I had a map that had all the samples in it and I knew where each sample was and what I needede).

Also I wanted to use Grooveagent as a midicontroller primararily for things like drums, but it seemed that I have to purchase that sidely from Cubase to get the best out of it. I do miss something that works like a simple sampler with an adsr-envelope and pitching fucntions that I can use as a midicontroller in the pianoroll.

Is there someone who has advice for these things? I really hope to improve my workflow with these things and I just cant imagine that there isnt a solution for this!

The best i can recommend is using one Groove Agent instance per sound (eg. for a snare sound, including possible samples for layering).
You put your sample on the “C3” pad and activate the mode, where you can play the sample across the keyboard range, if needed. Additional layers of samples can be added to the same pad, including ADSR and such.

You have to browse for the sample in Media Bay/Finder/Explorer, though (or drag them from the project, if already placed on a track). There’s a browser integrated into the full version of Groove Agent, which also features hot swap. The basic version that ships with cubase features hot swap via Finder/Explorer load files dialogue.
You have to judge yourself if the full version is worth it for you.

Personally, i’m using Vengeance Phalanx, now. It’s easier to use and more powerful imo, so i would look into that if the included Groove Agent doesn’t do it for you. There might also be a new “simple” sampler coming up in Cubase 9, but that is speculation.


I don’t have a specific recommendation, but I bet you can find something free/cheap that works for you at KVR

I use the TXW16x free VST sampler:

Yeah people have been asking for a basic Simpler like sampler for a while. As said, Groove Agent SE is probably your best bet if you want to stick with Cubase plugins. It’s got layering, round robining, velocity triggered layers etc so it’s not too bad (NI Maschine doesn’t have such more advanced sampler features for example). It pretty much does everything even the newest version of Simpler in Live does, so it’s pretty good. (Such as auto-time stretching) Choke groups are often handy as well, plus it has multiple outputs if the built in effects per pad aux effects aren’t up to it.

For playing chromatically, just make sure you set the sample on the pad it’s on to span the key range you want. Unlike Simpler, it won’t play chromatically without you doing that.

Also, don’t miss that using Groove Agent SE means the integration with Cubase is great so you can drag and drop from your project straight to it, including sliced audio which will then be assigned to each pad.

Not all of GASE’s controls are that clear, so make sure you use the manual.

I still hope Cubase 9 has a basic useful sampler though.

Best way to work like FLstudio is to use FLstudio as a plugin, imo. Or Rewire, whichever works best.
I wish cubase made a integrated step like Flstudio, would massively increase my workflow and the ease of writing/arrangement.
Sometimes using plugins just and various midi chains just to do basic stuff like step sequence… it’s frustrating, and something clearly done better on other, more simplistic sequencers (hardware or software).

I thought I was the only one that use Phalanx like that. I used to set up an instance of Phalanx Single for each drum track before I bought Groove Agent 4. I loved the way Phalanx had the awesome built in browser and everything you would need to do any processing within the plugin including a sequencer/arp. Now I use Groove agent 4 which is the best drum plugin ever created for this task. The built in sequencer is phenomenal and I do everything from within the one plugin set up with multipal outputs. Xfer Records Nerve is also super cool but does not have a browser. I was actually never a fan of the FL channel sampler/step sequencer thingy.

I tried a lot of stuff and Groove Agent and Phalanx seemed to be the best (feature and usability wise). For most tasks i prefer Phalanx, because GA has some small annoyances for my workflow. I only have the SE version without browser, though.

You gotta try Groove Agent 4. The browser and the sequencer are worth the price of admission alone. Just like you, I tried everything and fed up with all of it to the point of just loading Phalanx single into a track every time, and using the piano roll to sequence my drums. After giving Groove Agent 4 a shot though, I was amazed at the features and awesome layout, and found that it is hands down, the best drum sampler/sequencer plugin. Funny thing is that I always blew it off because I didn’t like the name. lol Try the demo thoroughly, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I agree that GA4 sounds very good and functionality, even for simple version. A ‘Pro’ version is cool, but Cubase should still have a ‘SE’ or even more simple built in sequencer. It would be really cool to drag audio right in to place from the Arranger windows… Like chord track or something.
I bet you Cubase 9 has something like this already… hope so :slight_smile:
I don’t like the extra ‘hassle’ of dealing with a potentially very VI plugin, extra routing needed as well as general dependency of the plugin itself (ie updates/versions), files missing, etc.
It would be a dream to just pull audio straight in with existing hitpoint detection for ‘hits’, drums, bass you name it.