Best Windows version for Cubase 12 Pro,


Soon I’m building my new system and I am wondering what’s the best Windows OS for Cubase Pro 12.
Windows 11 Home.
Windows 11 Pro.
Windows 11 Pro for Workstations.

Or doesn’t it make any difference at all.

I’m using win 11 home fine. Is there a comparison chart somewhere for features?

Does it really matter , Win 10 is very stable but if you find it’s not ,you could always update to win 11 , there’s a lot of youtube reports stating performance wise there’s is hardly any difference but for most tasks win 10 seems to be more efficient , but we all have to move on one day if we want the latest and greatest

My advice. Win 11 Home.

Good luck with the new PC!

for Cubase there is no difference as far as I know. Mostly the pro version have extra protection for data and bitlocker

Windows Pro gives you more options for postponing or disabling updates, which might be useful in the middle of a project with a tight deadline.

Might want to check this, most of it applies to Win 11 as well.

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Thanks for that link. Very interesting article.

I now have Win10 Pro installed. Indeed more and easier ways to disable windows annoyances.
If it doesn’t matter for Cubase Performance I think I’ll go for Win11 Pro for Workstations.

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There are several. In fact a lot! This is just one.

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