Better Alternative to VariAudio for Audio-to-MIDI Notes Extraction?

Cubase Pro 12
Windows 10

The above image shows how I used Hitpoints/Events to break down 4 sections of an ostinato or arpeggio I’m studying. I couldn’t slice it up to a notes level so tried VariAudio…

But even when the audio is pretty simple and repetitive such as an ostinato, be it a stem or other, VariAudio’s Extract MIDI never even comes close to extracting the notes. It just mashes the notes together in lump events.

On one level, I’m probably I’m asking/expecting too much, but it sure would be nice to have something that actually works - at least reasonably well that could be manually corrected as needed.

Suggestion/s for not-crazy-expensive 3rd party plugin or other solutions welcomed.

You can try Dodo…

@Johnny_Moneto - Thanks, looks entertaining but not really I need. Found and tried 2-3 audio-to-MIDI plugins, but results are not-so-great. Though the best I’m fiddling with so far is a freebie called NeuralNote, and here is a guy explaining how to use it:

You could try Melodyne if you have it. The high end version of Melodyne supports polyphonic audio, too. In some DAWs, you can drag and drop from a track with Melodyne ARA to a MIDI track, but I think with Cubase it might be necessary to export a MIDI file from Melodyne then import it into Cubase.

I should note that I haven’t actually tried this (at least not in a very long time if I have – I think I might have experimented with it once in the distant past, possibly in SONAR rather than Cubase) as all my instrument tracks are MIDI, so I am only using Melodyne for vocals.

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Melodyne works inside Cubase via ARA2, but yes, you can’t drag the detected MIDI into Cubase the way you can with NeuralNote. I use Melodyne, but IMHO NeuralNote is better for this job, because (a) the MIDI conversion is better, and tweakable and (b) it provides a much better workflow – set it up as a send effect and you can switch use of it across tracks more easily.

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