Better Cubase performance with SSD Drive?

Wondering what anyone has notices after switching to a SSD drive as a system drive on a Mac.


Aloha S,

I put one in my iMac a while ago and it was very nice.

But then Apple issued a HHD ‘re-call’ so I had to put
back the old spindle drive to get the new HHD.

That has been several months ago and I have not had the time
this year to swap them back.

But from what I remember:
Boot times are truly amazing
but I do not remember Cubase loading
songs any faster etc. (but I may be wrong)

I see you are using OSX.6.8. with C7.
Hope you have those lil OS probs worked out.


Hi Sound_Temple_Studios,

I have a w7-64 system with a SSD as boot drive. I would expect that a Mac should behave very similar.

Powering up the PC is damn fast (from switching on till all the OS and setup is loaded) takes 15 seconds. That’s great on a Windows PC. Starting Cubase (without a project) is faster too since it is installed on the SSD. So every program installed on the SSD should load a lot faster.

Now - since the Cubase projects and the libraries are stored on two regular HDD - the project and the sound libraries do NOT load faster. You could consider storing the sound libraries also on a SSD but that becomes a pretty expensive adventure. Storing the projects on the SSD is not recommended since it has a limited cycle of read/write operations (that’s what I was told).

I hope this helps a little


I put 2 x 256 GB SSD Samsung 840 Pro on my Mac and I installed there the OS, Cubase, VSTi, sound libraries, etc…

OSX performance is highly improved. Recommended!

Talking about Cubase. C7 boot time is less than 10 sec now and also the loading time for big libraries is incredibly fast. Working with projects with a lot of audio tracks is also much faster and you don’t have those problems related to the disk usage…

On the other hand you cannot really expect improvements in the VST performance, since it is not related to the HHD speed. It’s SB which should improve that…and I hope the will.

If your information is 6 - 12 months old, you should consider it in need of an update:

I use an SSD for recording. A Samsung 840 120 GB. All of the newer Samsung SSD drives should be just fine for recording.

go for an ocz vortex 3 series . on windows they give you a windows experience of 7.9 (and that’s 7.9 out of 1 to 7.9) , I know your on a MAC but it should be just as highly rated :wink:

I have 3 installed and everything is lightning quick ,no lags or Cubase not loading or shutting down properly ,it’s just plan and simply super fast with sata3-6gb

And it is quiet! :smiley:

SSD go for it

I’m win 8, but for quietness and for speed you will only want to use spin up drives for back ups, SSD are so much quicker

yep SSDs are the future, it is amazing in this day and age we still use magnetic storage! I have one SSD for my main drive and it has been a great speed increase, more so than my processor upgrade. I need another for my samples now though and of course the size of them is still a bit limited but getting better

My son put together my current machine, he’s in the trade - SSD drives and water cooled - it makes no sound at all, although there is a fan for v hot weather, but normally you wouldn’t know it’s on, except on start up.

It comes on straight away after boot.

Highly recommended - altho he tells me not to defragment the drives - so I haven’t