Better EQ and simpler mixer

Eq like logic, fl studio or fabfilter would be nice.

But mixer is so cluttered and kills workflow the way it’s designed.
Please please fix the mixer


EQ is just fine, you want 3 bands rather then 4? Or without different type option? Did you know you can display it as knobs instead of bars? Cubase EQ is a great tool.
What’s wrong with mixer? If you find it cluttered, just hide what you don’t wanna see.

Problem solved


In Cubase you have “Frequency EQ” -
one of the greatest EQ´s in DAW world, and it´s feature are comparable with Fabfilter EQ.
Cubase has marvellous sounding EQs and cut filters (Pre Section).

6 or 8 bands should be fine and great in the channel setting EQ. Color bands should be great as well…
For the Mixer, if you take a look at how Logic, S1 and FL mixers clear are, you should know our Cubase Mixer is more clumsy… Poor visibility, lack of color customization. Steinberg like to use these grayish and dark colors which are no helpful to colorblind people…
Take a look how FL studio mixer and logic Pro clean are.

What about those people like me with Synesthesia? Seeing different colors on the screen that are different to what you are seeing when you hear music is very annoying. This is one of the reasons why I like Cubase, you can go into the preferences as disable all colors, then turn everything down to make everything pitch black. In saying this, the Cubase 6.5 mixer looked more classy in design and shapes but I like that the new Cubase can be completely blacked out and made darker than it comes as stock. I guess the solution would be allowing users to customise the mixer skin and colors more or less suited to what they want.

I think the Cubase mixer design will make more sense when/if they finally enable Mutitouch in Cubase for use on Mutitouch monitors. The new mixer is a million times better than the old mixer in functionality. I think you might be in a minority of not liking the new mixer, it was one of the most requested features a few years ago.

Totally agree

Current cubase mixer is extremely disorganized

I agree with the mixer comment: Needs an overhaul to be clearer and more efficient visually, and to be far less click and scroll-heavy in actual use.

The OP might mean the EQ that’s included in the mixer, perhaps? That EQ should be Frequency - then the problem is solved!

Yes I meant the eq that’s built in every channel.

I guess they will simply implement Frequency EQ to Mixer. It doesn’t even need to be full implementation imo but 8 bands would be sweet to have.
About Mixer… Idk. It works very well for me. Option with color per channel would be nice indeed. Except that mixer in Cubase is modular and a lot can be changed by user to match personal preferences. I like it the way it is now

An option to color mix faders please.