Better Integration Of Control Room & Metering In Mixer

A follow up to a related thread on this forum:

I’d find it very useful to be able to have both the Control Room and the master loudness metering visible simultaneously in the Cubase Mixer — just as you can toggle the visibility of any other channel types.

Currently, they’re tabbed so you have to select one or the other. And seeing as the loudness section is the only built in averaging meter (please give us VU or loudness metering per track!) that means a lot of unnecessary switching of views.

Related to this, I’d like to be able to select the source for the loudness metering — currently it monitors the first stereo output channel. I’d like the option to select any individual output channel, or the sum of all output channels. In fact, why not just allow me to tap a signal from anywhere within the project?

I agree, that there is a lot of hide and go seek with the CR.

It’s like a cluttered closet, to get to my jeans I need to move the coats, but I have this drawer in the way, so let me move this drawer so I can finally slide over my coats, aha… Jeans!