Better management of crashes - Stability improvement

Cubase crashes sometimes. It may be Cubase’s fault or a third party plugin fault, but the pain always goes to the user.

In order to minimize the pain, I have a suggestion: Independent processes for plugins and project.

Usually, what makes cubase crash are the plugins. If you have two independent processes and the plugin process crashes, you don’t lose the information in your project and you can close and re-open the plugins process. It’s what happens when you work using VEPro in a single computer, but inside Cubase and transparent for the user.

I mean, this would also improve performance a lot and would be a milestone in terms of stability. And it will be transparent for the user.

I think in some web browsers each tab is an independent process and if one crashes, the other tabs still work and you don’t lose your work.

Collateral advantages: You can have several projects attached to a single process instance, which may allow you a chunks-like type of workflow and will make changing related projects easy and fast (currently it’s not and often it crashes when I try it).

It will cost a lot of scheduling overhead. Nice feature to have if you would like to contain specific plugins, but there is already third parties solution for that.

I know, cubace, I just though it would be a nice feature for Cubase 12. Or maybe a better integration with Vienna Ensemble Pro could do the trick. :smiley: