Better MIDI ARP or Step Editor

It would be nice to have new arpeggiator/step sequencer.

Ive been trying the stock ones for years, but never really liked it.
To fiddly and just not working right.
Using 3rd party midi plug is cumbersome, this could be easier, with better creative workflow.
Midi creation and composition is such a big part of the Cubase legacy, Steinberg should prioritise on this.

Maybe implement the same arp/step sequencer as in the ReFX Nexus 2?
That thing rocks, its German, and a LOT of people use it for a good reason.
With fast preset saving options.
Vengeance uses the same arp/step sequencer in all there plugins : Avenger, Phalanx etc

Really, these arps/step seq’s rock:

Logic also now has a great arp/step sequencer

hope this helps to make Cubase a big more creative again :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you post some links to particular songs, sounds or styls you would like to create?


Hi, i posted a big reply but it got deleted?

Here is a video about what kind of Arp me and lot of my friends use:

the style is mostly dance and club related, but you can use it for anything abviously.

Think trap,edm,house,dance,techno,retro wave 80 stuff etc…basicly all the styles you normaly make with a daw lol
Its not just the arp thats handy, but also the way you can save presets, which are basicly complete phrases. And can contain almost complete songs.
Seriously, watch the video…

Cream, another vst arp is also like this a bit (google it)

I really hope you guys can take a look at this.

thanks w


I would like to see a Chord Arpeggiator as well, i.e. an arpeggiator that creates the sequence of notes based on the chord played. :bulb:
The actual pattern would be created/displayed/edited in a graphical matrix gui.

Something like how Catanya worked (doesn’t seem to exist anymore): (Illustration picture) (DEMO)

As seen, Catanya could arpeggiate 3 note chords for 3 octaves + velocity. An improvement would be 4 note chords for 5 octaves (current + 2 up + 2 down).

This would be a nice continuation to the chord paradigm in Cubase:
Chord Track, Chord Assistant, Chord Pads - and a Chord Arpeggiator!

Steinberg could even make an additional income stream selling additional packs of arpeggiator patterns (editable of course). :mrgreen:
Such an arpeggiator could also be made as a separate sellable plugin for other DAW users, in addition to adding it to Cubase.