Better MIDI, Better Macros, Sexy Curves!

Hello again,

More feature requests! :slight_smile:

1 - Motif/Phrase Library. Sibelius has a sort of “idea saver”. What I wouldn’t give for something like this in Cubase. Possibly save an event or group of events for use in another project or later in the same project. I don’t want to dig through projects. An idea saver where I can name ideas, search them by name or source project or by instrument type(s), etc.

2 - The ability to select “every other note/beat” in an event.
3 - I can draw Lines and Parabolas, but no smooth curves or crescents. Here’s a crescent for you- :frowning:
4 - Macros that can record clicks, event creation, midi cc adjustments. Personally I’d like the ability to code AND record macros, as you can with Excel, iMacros, and nearly every other macro software out there. I want a more standard way to automate. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the hard work! I may gripe a lot, but I realize how much effort it takes to develop. You guys rock!