Better Panning Control

Instead of just having the panning left to right slider have 2 sliders so that there is more control over the stereo placement. like pro Tools have.
Also a keyboard shortcut to explode the scroll bars to make them easier to lock on to. I waste more time trying to engage the scroll bars when it would be much easier to click inside the active window and hit a shortcut key to expand the width and then select either by the mouse or a slider on a hardware controller. There could also be a speed control ( X1, X2, X3) so that you can fine scroll if you are using a hardware controller.

for a mono track, a simple left to right slider is more than enough to have control over the stereo placement. For stereo tracks Cubase also has dual panner mode for stereo with and -placement for a long time already.

Thanks for the info, so where is the dual panner mode and why don’t they just have it as standard in the inspector and mixer/.

Just checked it out on you tube, so thanks I will be forever grateful, I’m not used to this DAW, I’ve only had it since the 1980’s. Maybe one day I’ll learn how to turn it on.