Better Routing Options in dspMixFX

I just bought a UR816C. I’m happy with the build quality, but I had a hard time slowly understanding the dspMixFX routing capabilities. I read other forum posts of people having trouble.

Meanwhile, after trying to understand the interface for a few hours in the studio, I begin to feel a lot of things are possible and flexible, but the interface hides it by splitting functions in different screens, routing, mixes, levels or channel strip.

  • I would like to route an input signal directly to an output. But I can only do this via mixes.
  • I have 8 inputs, but I can only do 4 mixes. To address each output individually, I have to pan signals hard L and R. Works as a workaround but it is not straight forward.
  • I had a hard time understanding that the computer audio out is only in Mix1. Why can’t I also use it in Mix2? Would be nice if I could also enable it in other mixes.
  • Assigning mixes to outputs feels strange. From a user flow, I create mixes, and then want to assign mixes to outputs. A matrix with output where to send this mix to would be nice. Instead, I need to switch to the routing page and see physical outputs there, then have to think back which mix I want to assign where. It’s the kitchen problem. You want to get something from the kitchen, but until you get there and enter the kitchen, you’ve forgotten what you actually wanted. This happens to me in the routing. I am thinking of the mix and what I want to do, then I have to completely change the screen and the context. I see the outputs and have to backtrack, what mix did I want to send through Out1/2?

I would love to see the following improvements in a future update:

  • Make presets not only save mixes, but also output routing assignments. Currently I need to switch presets and then reconfigure routing for every situation. (This is probably my biggest complaint at the moment.)
  • Make inputs directly routable to outputs (8 mono inputs, not 4 stereo pairs)
  • Let mixes access any DAW output, not only Mix1=Computer Stereo Out, Mix2=DAW2… But let Mix 2 also access the main out mix as well.
  • I’d like a dedicated Loopback channel instead of the DAW channel I can only assign to mixes. I’d like to select the Loopback channel in my DAW as an input and record things directly. Currently I need to dedicate a whole mix to do this. Mute any input except DAW, switch to Loopback mode, and then record this mix. A lot of steps.

Does this make sense or did I miss anything?

Only 1 answer: forget it ! I have the 816 for over 1,5 year now, only 1 update so far and that did not do almost anything. Very little support from Yamaha.

Oof. That is not trust inducing. I mean the hardware seems to be fine, but these days I feel you can do so much with software and the world did change big time in the last 2 years that I feel software needs to keep up to date and leverage the hardware with new functions.

Are you happy in general with the interface? WHat are you missing?

The software restrictions. And for over a year asking to be able to rename the channels in the mixer.
But I do not count on it anymore and looking for something else.

What other brands are you looking towards then?

More profi stuff like MOTU

I had an Octa-capture until recently and loved it. It was just an overkill for my limited needs.
It’s routing options are very flexible and I think could do everything you described and much more.
The only downside: it’s an older model. (I had no issue because of this though)
But this means you can find a good deals on Craigslist or Reverb…

You can get computer sounds in mix 2-4 by using a virtual sound device in windows, then add a track to the DAW with that device as input.