Better to update now or wait for new version?


I’m thinking of upgrading from version 4.

Do you guys think that’s better to upgrade now or wait until Nov/Dec for the new version (11.5 / 12)?

Is it worth to purchase a code now and wait to activate it (to benefit the new version’s grace period)?



It depends, if you need Cubase Pro 11 now, or you can wait.

If you can wait, of course, you can buy the license now and wait for the code activation once the next version (Cubase 11.5/12) is released. Then you will get license of the very latest Cubase version (11.5/12).

With Cubase 11.5/12 license, you can start Cubase 11 or Cubase 10.5 or Cubase 10. So if you are afraid of getting very fresh version (if you are afraid of the new bugs of the new version), you can install and use any older Cubase version with the license. This is of course true for Cubase 11, so with Cubase 11, you can start Cubase 10.5, Cubase 10, etc.

Hi Martin and thanks for your answer. Will Cubase 11.5/12 be released later this year for sure?


I’m sorry, no one can’t tell for sure before the official release announcement.