Better way to write chords in a score

Hello all,
I’m writing leadsheets for my band but all we need are chords.
My endgoal would be to get a score without staves, and have all my chords inside bars.

Is it currently possible ? because the way I’m doing now is ugly. I could use a percussion instrument and use the 1 line staff but that would be yet an other workaround to use :confused:

I’ll add that I need to be able to input some fermattas above those chords and it’s not possible as well…

I have read I don’t know how many Jazz Guitar parts that look EXACTLY like that. :slight_smile: But I get you have your reasons.

Try a search for Lead sheets first - I have read some more comprehensive answers on the forum here. There will be something of a work around as not having ANY staves doesn’t compute well for Dorico at present.

I’m not at my computer at the moment, but if you are willing to hack your instruments.xml file you can accomplish this with a 0-line staff. I posted a few images and walkthroughs back in this thread.

Thanks, I guess that will do for now until Dorico has a more user friendly way to do that.

It’s time they add a chord track in dorico as well :d

There already is a chord track.

Indeed there is, but there is no way to print it, unless I’m missing a key feature