beware!!! divisi crash!

Hey Guys,

as far as I know I think the Dorico team should be aware of this one. But I wanted to put out a warning anyway, because I lost a few hours repairing this one…well…renotating a different way, which is not ideal…
Basically as soon as you open the Violin I part in this file, Dorico will crash! ( I have downsized it on much less instruments and flows to focus on the bug and to save you loading time). For now after having tried a wide number of things, new layouts, importing a working flow etc. I discovered, that the reason seems to lie in the divisi in bar 162. Dorico seems to not like divisi mixed with independent time signatures and multi rests (in the part) in this case. I really hope and am confident, they will fix it, because the combination of these two features, if stable, is potentially extremely powerful.
However as a power user with a big orchestral score at the moment of 200+ pages, I unfortunately have to conclude for now, that I will (as much as I hate it) have to stick with Sibelius for anything that is contemporary music…a crash of this magnitude in a big project is just super scary and I am extremely lucky, that this type of divisi only occurred in one flow.
But warning to all out there anyway…I don’t wish this on my worst enemy. (595 KB)

Not much help, but just to confirm it crashes for me as well when I select Violin I.

don’t worry, have repaired it as I wrote and all is not ideal, but good :wink:

Thanks for reporting this, Olav. We’ll make sure we take a look at this as soon as possible.