Beyerdynamics releases free room simulator for headphones

I wonder if this is a reasonable alternative to the VRM box?

Thanks for posting, Ill have to check this out. The VRM box was recently blown out on Musicians Friend “Stupid Deal” for $25.

Thanks Alexis!

Thanks a lot!

I will try it now!

Where does the file go? Sorry to be so dim :frowning:

Move both (dll and vs file) to your plugin folder

Many thanks alexis for making me aware of this - I’m downloading it right now!

Kat :slight_smile:

This is a hunk of crap. :unamused:

I downloaded this and set it up. Looking at the video on the site they’re showing a number of presets that I can’t find. I have the .dll and the data file, how do I get to the presets?

Although I try hard to be open minded - I’d be inclined to agree considering its just totally and utterly killed my installation of C7 which is now playing back all VST instruments (not audio recordings) at double speed (as though I’d upped the sample rate) - what!? :astonished:

Hopefully i’ll manage to get it back to normal (I’ve deleted it by the way) but C7’s still going mad currently :cry: why god… :angry:

I have to admit though I downloaded it purely out of interest to see what it does etc, its free after all - what harm can it do (cough)! :unamused: I didn’t really know much about this VRM style technology until reading through this thread and following it up online. There is an interesting review/article by Mike Senior (Sound on Sound/Mixing Secrets) for the ‘VRM Box’ which doesn’t pull any punches:

And another more general review by Sam Inglis of Sound On Sound magazine which is more favorable/positive:

I think with technologies such as this it really is highly subjective (as mentioned in Mike Seniors article) because the algorithms/psycho acoustics are all based on generalized HRTF’s and everybody is unique and headphones differ drastically so some people might find it useful and other will just hate it (i.e. as is the case here with two people who write for sound on sound with contrasting opinions).

Man I wish I lived in America, $25 to play around with the VRM Box; in England it costs £80 ($123) sigh

I still think its cool of Beyer Dynamic to do this for free though - I guess I must have done something wrong when I installed it as no else is complaining about their copy of C7 blowing up! :laughing:

You have to realise this is only version one however, given time they might begin to add more sophisticated functionality like studio monitor modeling as with the ‘VRM Box’ (which also uses software and not hardware DSP from what I understand)!

Anyway excuse me babbling as ever kat :slight_smile:

Phew… just to let you know after deleting it and a restarting windows C7 is behaving again panic attack :open_mouth:

Its not a “hunk of crap” You have to listen with headphones. Would be good if Cubase didn’t kill the presets

Hi Mr M, I didn’t get a chance to check it out properly as I panicked when C7 went mental (I heard its effect but as everything was playing double speed it was hopeless), but I noticed that on the Beyer Dynamic video they were using it with Cubase 5 (which seemed a bit odd for a new plug in?)…

I was a bit confused also as to where I was supposed to put the plugins in that when I tried using the x64 version I put the dll/data files in the x64 area (i.e. C:\Program Files\Vstplugins) but Cubase 7 couldn’t see them (I checked in plugins but no joy) so then I put them in the Steinberg folder instead (i.e. C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins) at which stage Cubase could see them but then it went mental - so I gave up! :confused:

Any help/advice anyone?

Anyway when you say there are no presets, do you mean that the buttons at the bottom of the VST aren’t already mapped to Studio, 5.1, Car and Big Venue?

Or were you expecting there to be additional ones - because upon watching the video the guy hovers around in the directory twice making you think that he was going to load something but then scoots off somewhere else (like he lost track) - who knows - perhaps they will make some presets available in due course!

By the way what headphones are you using it with? I’m on Beyer 250’s/80 Ohm - as you can tell I’m a fan of theirs :sunglasses:

This article is old but covers some awesome headgear - I wish I could afford some Sennheiser HD650’s as they’re highly respected, as it is the DT250’s receive negative press here because of the cost/quality ratio - quoted at £183.61 (but as I got mine for £80 I’m sure they would have had a different opinion - I love em anyway so who cares): :slight_smile:

Aloha a, and tanx for the post and link.

Before downloading this I am wondering if any Mac users
have yet tried this?


I never even realized there was a video…
I downloaded the W64 bit version into my 64bit steinberg plugin folder, fired up Cubase figured the logcal place was as an insert in the master output channel, everything went without a hitch.
The presets I though were kind of odd in that there is no evident way of adjusting the patches or altering the sound so there would be nothing to save as a user preset (surely they couldn’t mean the routing); perhaps they might make other Factory püresets available later.
As to quality, effectiveness, useability, I reserve judgement for the time being - that needs time.

Hey BriHar, thanks for you post - that’s strange I wonder why my copy of cubase went crazy as I seemed to have done the same thing as you (however I did put the files in the wrong place initially so that might have screwed things up), perhaps I’ll try it again and see if I have more luck - thanks for verifying I did the right thing with the plugins anyway! :slight_smile:

Yeh from what I understand the presets are supposed to be factory created impulse files (they have used some kind of convolution technique in the creation of them) so that side of things seem to be hidden - the only thing I can figure is that they intend to release more impulse files in future and then perhaps you can create a preset group of your favorite impulse models (i.e. if they go down the studio monitor route then you could create a collection of your favorite reference monitors for testing mix’s) - but I’m just guessing - so forgive me if I’m totally wrong :blush: - the video is a little vague at best :laughing:

Yipee it works - I must have messed up Cubase when I put the dll’s in the wrong place earlier but all is well (its been a great week I scored ‘TrueCowbells’ and the ‘Virtual Studio’ thingy for free) awesome :sunglasses:

why on earth should they give you tweakability for something that has been designed for beyer headphones , If you use akg then you need an akg program ,if you use shure then …it’s simple really isn’t it :wink:

nothing about this says that its made to use with beyer headphones. Usually programs of this type are made to be used across product lines, especially since every maker produces a variety of headphones. …its really simple,isn’t it?

really so how would you work this with closed cup and open cup and ear buds then ? and I would love to here some mixes done with other manufactures headphones and see how simple it really wont be :wink: