Bezier Curves + Key Editor = Much Needed

Bezier Curves + Key Editor = Much Needed
Because Note Expression:

  1. Doesn’t save properly (After loading a track I see some very strange Lines that I know I didn’t draw).
  2. Causes major instability in Cubase (a truck load of crashes directly attributed to the use of Note Expression).
  3. Needs Bezier curves

I agree that Bezier Curves in the Key Ed would be great. But keep in mind that the data isn’t really transmitted as a curve it is still a bunch of discreet data points which are visually represented by the curve. The curves make it much easier to edit all that data as if it were a single thing, but it isn’t.

My impression is that Cubase introduced Bezier Curves initially for track automation data with the intention of expanding that to the editors later. I’m hoping for 10.5.

Not seeing your 1 & 2 problems here. But heck we might not even be on the same platform (which is why we encourage folks to put DAW specs in their sigs. :wink: )

Bezier Curves should and probably will be the standard. One day.

Please make audio and midi automation fluent and consistent. Editing controllers in the Key Editor is unnecessarily tedious right now. Please, please, please make it work the same way as audio automation already.

+1 for this feature. Painting something useful with dots in MIDI part is impossible.


Word. I waste a lot of time ‘playing’ modulation that I could -draw- in 5 seconds with the proper tool.

Any word on this?

It’s not that the bezier curves are equal to fluid midi transmission, it’s fine if they are submitted as discreet events in time. The bezier curves are requested because the user would go back in and be able to edit them to change the structure of the curve without redrawing the thing over and over again with the pencil. If something isn’t right, you edit the curve point or add a new one. This works really well in programs like after effects and Maya, 3ds max, cinema4d blender… anything which is processing events over time.
+1 For bezier curve in the cc editors.

No one cares that it doesn’t line up with the real midi data.
Most people care for efficiency and ease of use.
This is 10 years overdue.
Would love to see this! <3

Bezier Curves +1

Note Expression would be awesome with Bezier curves. It’s just more efficient to draw a node and drag, than draw the entire line. Which I assume is why Bezier curves were invented in the first place.



+1 It’s good to have them.

Ended up here after an exhaustive search to try and find a way of drawing in midi CC automation like Ableton lets you. Nice, clean, simple, bezier… instead i’m dealing with a hash of dots?! I don’t get it… i really don’t get it. And slowly being pushed over the edge and elsewhere for my inspiration and control in a DAW…

I also want to throw something in… I usually play modulation from a MIDI keyboard with expression pedal, wheels, etc.
There needs to be a ‘smoother’ function (or rather a ‘convert to curves’ function), which converts those thousands of dots into simple curves. Otherwise, tweaking your playing can be a bloody nightmare.

Yeah indeed. Instead of editing, you basically end up having to start again because editing in amongst hundreds of data points becomes confusing, fiddly, annoying ad time consuming. Really don’t understand why Steinberg are so behind the curve on this one (pardon the pun)…



May I add that filling below the curve with colour would also be useful.
Cubase and Nuendo had this once upon a time…
I was hoping they’d bring it back, seen as colourizing everything is a new thing.