Bezier points make automation curve inaccurate after Extract Midi Automation

Prob;em 1 original
problem 2 after edit
problem 3 bezier curves
I have a problem with the Extract Midi Automation feature.

First, I record controller data via midi and extract it to an Automation Lane. (see Pic 1 Problem 1 original)
Then I try to edit the Data with the Pencil Tool. The data get thinned out immediately.
However, this data has its Bezier points pushed extremely to the right, therefore the original curve is lost (See Pic 2 Problem 2 after edit)

In the third picture (Problem 3 Bezier points) you can see the problem magnified and the wrong position of the Bezier points.

What is the problem here and how could it be solved?

Thank you


I don’t know, how exactly do you wit the data with the Draw tool, but the Bezier nodes are always placed in the middle of the automation node until you move the Bezier node manually.

Unfortunately they do not.
I do not do anything particular with the Pencil, Just click once on the curve. As I wrote, the data gets thinned out and the Bezier points go berserk.

If you draw data into the Automation Lane it does not happen. You need to record automation with an outboard controller, then hit Extract Midi Automation and then click once on the curve with the pencil tool.

Any help is welcome.

Here are two new photos, from Cubase Elements 11 this time.
The first photo shows the controller data after the Extract Midi Automation.
The second photo is the same curve just after one click later. I clicked where the position flag is visible.


Why do you write the MIDI CCs as automation data? Why you don’t record it as MIDI?

Could you make a screen recording, please?

I record controller data. Then I extract them to the Automation Lane and sometimes I would like to make some edits or redraws, This is when the problem appears.

A screen recording: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

00:00 - 00:17 I record some CC1 data with an outboard controller.
00:17 - 00:24 Extract Midi Automation
00:31 - 00:32 I select the Pencil to redraw the automation line
00:32 For the first click the automation changes totally. The “shoulders” are the Bezier points, all pushed to the extreme right. The original curve is lost.
00:34 - end I press Undo/Redo to make the problem repeat (and visible.)

Shall I create a bug report / support ticket?


OK, another question, why do you convert the MIDI data to the automation? You can edit the MIDI CCs in the Key Editor and you can use the curves in the Key Editor too (since Cubase 11, if I’m not mistaken).

Because it is easier to see the control values for several tracks at the same time in the Project window.