BFD 3 Drum Map Again

If I export a drum map from BFD3 and then import into Cubase the parts have changed notes or disappeared.
I’ve tried the GM setting in BFD3 and it’s still the same.
EG, In BFD3 I have a Bass drum on C2 when i import, the part in cubase is now at C0 therefore no sound.
Does this mean I have to write my own drum map in Cubase ?
I have tried create drum map from instrument and its still the same.
The parts change notes down 2 octaves.

Hey, Adrian, check if this preference of BFD3 is set correctly.

You need -2 for Cubase.

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I think I’m getting confused now. What I’m trying to do is, transfer a groove from BFD3 into Cubase.
In SSD 5 i just drag it in and everything is fine. With BFD3 I’ve tried to export a midi file and then import it into Cubase.
Is there another way to transfer a groove from BFD3 into Cubase ?

You drag it from the palette onto the track. No export required.

But, if your preference is not set to -2 octaves, everything you drag will be, well, 2 octaves offset.

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How do I drag it from Groove Editor to the track in Cubase ?

DnD into Cubase3

Edit: for some reason this doesn’t pop-out and enlarge when you click it. Try right-clicking and open in new tab to be able to see it clearly.

If you created your own groove, you’ll need to save it first so it shows up in the palette on the right so you can drag it.

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Oh, I was expecting a MIDI map (Like SSD 4)
OK Thanks I have to go out now so I’'l try that when i get back.
Thanks for the help.

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@SF_Green is demonstrating the “export as audio” function, which is also a GREAT feature.

But, if you want MIDI instead, you can click the Tools tab (or Edit? Sorry I’m away from my PC at the moment), and then you can find an option to check/uncheck.

Yes, thanks for the catch gg. This is the problem with doing stuff very late at night.

The option is in Groove pane Tools menu, not the top level tools menu. Here’s the menu item to uncheck

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So here’s MIDI drag and drop, after unchecking the menu item from Groove > Tools

DnD MIDI into Cubase3


Thanks for the gifs SF!

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That’s great I’ll try that now.
Many Thanks.