BFD 3 in Cubase 9

Hi. I was wondering whether anyone was having the same issue with BFD 3 in Cubase 9. Everytime I run an instance of BFD 3 and then load drumkit data Cubase crashes. However, it doesn’t crash in Cubase 8 or 8.5. It seems like a Cubase 9 issue as BFD 3 is rock solid as a standalone and as I said in previous versions of Cubase.

Any thoughts anyone?


Works normally here.

same here work great…

working fine here. Are you running the latest version?

Hmmmm. I didn’t know there was an update. Its not showing in my Steinerg hub (as it has done up to now). I’ll update and see if that helps. Cheers J

Thanks for the info on the update. It works.

With reference to BFD 3 are you running the latest version - which is what I think gmontano meant?

The latest version on FXpansion is (released 2016-07-08)

I have not been having any issues.

Are you running an external drive with for the samples?

Yes indeed I had this issue with BFD3 in C 9.0.0.
After the first quickfix 9.0.1 it was solved.