BFD2, Cubase 6 x 64, jbridge - not getting along

Hi there,

I’m running Cubase6 64bit on Windows 7 (i7 processor, 6GB RAM).

When using BFD2 the VSTBridge would fail and cause Cubase to crash.

So, I bought jbridge, hoping that it would solve all of my problems.

I am now running BFD2 via jbridge but am still getting problems and BFD2 will stop working about every 15 minutes. No sounds are triggered either via the recorded MIDI tracks, my keyboard or by clicking on the drums in the BFD2 GUI.

At present I am working around the situation by reloading a new instance of BFD2 into the VST instrument slot, however, any changes that I’ve made to the drum kit are lost as it will just reload my default settings again.

So far I’ve checked that auxhost.exe, auxhost64.exe and jbridger.exe are run as admin and I’ve rebuilt my dlls.
I tried turning off UAC and that didn’t help (I was running Cubase6 as admin anyway).
I trashed and rebuilt my BFD2 data.
I have the “opcode 19” box ticked in the jbridge settings.

I’d really appreciate if you have any suggestions as to what I can do to resolve this issue. If you could share your jbridge settings for BFD2 then maybe that would help me.



Well there never going to make a 64 bit BFD version and all over the net you find problems with BFGD and 64 bit hosts so I`d move on to somthing with better support.


No problems here, I’m using BFD2/Cubase 64 bit/jBridge every day. Are you sure you’re picking up the jBridged BFD2 and not the VSTBridge version? I find the bridging thing quite confusing - I wish it just worked without faffing about.

I think it’s a shame that FXpansion don’t seem inclined to bring their expensive product into the 64-bit domain. I’m looking for an alternative as are many folks. BFD2 was unusable until jBridge V1.27 sorted it for me. Thanks J! :sunglasses:

Are you running the latest version of Jbridge? I had something similar happen with C6 and the version before the latest Jbridge. Also running the gui separate helped.

Arrogant, complacent Fxpansion! I like the irony in the sig.!

As stated many times before, THERE WILL NEVER BE A 64-BIT VERSION OF BFD2. Assume all new FX products (like Geist) will have 64-bit support, since we’re currently rewriting swathes of back-end framework code to support it.



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Thanks for your replies. I have only recently bought jBridge but it looks like I’m only running version 1.2.

I have contacted João to see if I can get an update and hopefully that will fix my problems.

I think what is meant by the statement is; BFD-3 will be x64 when it comes.


Thanks for your help and replies.

I got in contact with João and he sent me v1.27j which appeared to fix the problem. I’ve since upgraded to v1.3 which was sent out last week and everything’s still getting along just fine!

Norbury Brook wrote

I think what is meant by the statement is; BFD-3 will be x64 when it comes.

I’m sure it will be but BFD 2 is sufficient for my needs, it wasn’t cheap and I’d like a 64-bit version please! I’m sure BFD3 will be very nice but… :imp: