BFD3_64bit Blacklisted...can't solve

I’ve just up’d to C10.0.20. Won’t “unBlacklist” BFD3.

Any ideas, guys?


Make sure the plug-in is up to date, please.

Have you tried uninstalling? Fire up Cubase and let it register the lack of BFD3 and then close Cubase. Reinstall BFD3 and then fire up Cubase again. It might work.

BFD3 not having a problem here. Sorry no suggestions to add.

just bought BFD 3.3(they had 75% off from BFD Eco :slight_smile: Good deal)
didnt install it yet… hope it will pass the blacklist :ugeek:

All fine here so far…

Well, it seems that BFD3 no longer supports Windows 7.
ReInstalled the final Win7 version and it seems to be working now.

Pretty much all my plugins (including BFD3) are blacklisted by Cubase but I just reeanble them and they seem to work fine


There is quite a high risk, they will crash Cubase (or some). I would strongly recommend at least to update all of them.

If any of the plug-in is using iLok protection, update the PACE software. It’s even better to uninstall the plug-in, update PACE, reinstall the plug-in.

My BFD3 is working under Windows 7 with all the latest (and meager) updates. BFD is version 3.1.4, which I’m guessing is not the latest. IF BFD3 broke I’d be in a real mess.

Off topic (but topic adjacent). Take a look at the BFD3 credits on their ‘about’ screen. Initially it runs through normal credits you’d expect. But then they start listing a bunch of comic stats like, number of arguments over fonts. I think that was 6.


The official web-site says:

BFD3 v3.2 - Win 7/OSX 10.9 or later
BFD3 v3.3 - Win 10/OSX 10.11 or later

Thanks Martin. Now that I consider it, 3.1.4 might well become the last version of BFD3 installed on my current system. Good to know now rather than discovering it after updating.

Wish cubase had a feature like logicX has for blacklisted plugins “use plugin anyway”

I made sure all my pugins are up to date then trashed preferences and again on a reescan a large number of plugins were blacklisted incluyding bfd3, cypher 2, equator, fathom, hybrid, jamstix, storbe, VG_IRON, all valhalla reverbs, all 2C-Audio effects + a load more :frowning: I wish Cubase gave a reeason for blacklisting then I may be able to do something about it

It does. Not at DAW but somewhere in the Plugin Manager.


In Cubase you can do so in the Plug-in Manager.

sorry for the late return to this…Thanks Martin!