BFD3 Overwrites Custom Drum Map in Drum Editor

I imported a drum map from BFD3 and edited it to re-order the various drums in the Drum Editor. When I load an instance of BFD3 and assigned the drum map I edited, it is replaced by the default drum map that loaded in from BFD3. I’ve attached a zip with screen shots:

1 Custom Drum Map.png - this image shows the edited drum map after loading it into the “Drum Map Setup …” interface.

2 Drum Map assigned.png - this shows the custom drum map assigned to the BFD3 Instrument track.

3 Drum Editor shows default map from BFD.png - this shows that when I open the Drum Editor the original drum map imported from BFD3 is back and has overwritten the custom map.

4 Assigned Drum Map overwritten.png - this shows that when I exit the Drum Editor, the assigned drum amp is now called BFD - BFD3 [1]

I’ve also attached the custom drum map file (BFD 60s Rock Kit.drm) and the file that overwrote the custom one (BFD - BFD3.drm). Both drum map files have the same list of values but the list in the second file that overwrote the custom file has all of the custom ordering returned to the standard 1…127 sequence.
Drum Map Bug Screen (1.16 MB)

I did the same test with Groove Agent SE.

  1. Edited drum map (changed the stacking order)
  2. Saved drum map to .drm file
  3. Re-loaded drum map and it appeared fine
  4. Assigned drum map to track
  5. Drum map returned to original Groove Agent’s stacking order - but didn’t re-write the whole stacking order, maintained the original drum map from Groove Agent

By “imported” do you mean that you used the “create drum map from instrument” function? If so, this is normal behavior. Those maps, unlike ones you create from scratch, can’t be edited, even though it seems like you are modifying them they always revert back.

The way I got around that was to create an internal map in BFD3 that was setup how I wanted it. Then I set that as my default map in BFD3. Now when Cubase creates a map from the instrument it matches my internal map.

There is also a thread on the forums that explains how you can external from Cubase edit a map and remove the code that inhibits the ability to modify a map.

Found it

Thanks for the pointer to the other thread. I’ll try XML edits listed there.

Although there appears to be a work around, the behaviour of the drum map editor is not up to the standards of the rest of the Cubase application. I hope this might be addressed in a “some-day” update. :wink:

Not necessarily, it’s a reasonable design decision. If you create a Drum Map yourself you can set it up however you like. But if you create it from the Instrument then it is locked to and a reflection of the Instrument’s internal map. It’s not the design choice I’d have made, but it is not an unreasonable choice.

Also here’s the BFD3 internal map I made.
Raino key map (1.66 KB)