Bias FX Plugin no sound Cubase 13

Things to note: the channel settings off the e button on the channel. UMC Left is an input channel, to the stereo out. The audio channel just created with the + button at the top of the channel list.

This is a project I use for practising so I just set the monitor for the instrument I’m tinkering with.

Hi Ian - thanks for the screenshot. I have started a new project just to try to fix this and as far as I can tell I am doing everything right. but still no sound out/signal on the stereo out. Do you think I should try contacting Cubase direct?

First of, remove the stereo in bus, it’s not needed and can make things confusing
take a screenshot of the M-audio software.
and just to be clear, is there sound in, but it stops at the channel and does not go to the stereo out?
can you make a group track and route the channel to that, and the group track to stereo out? just to see if the audio travels from the channel.

Stereo bus removed and below is what you get from M-audio software:

Yes the sound is shown coming in on the guages but nothing on the stereo out.
I will attempt you last instruction and let you know how it goes…

So, I set up the group track and routed keys and guitar through it. Keys work fine, guitar is still suffering the same problem unfortunately:

So you are saying that an instrument track works but an audio track doesn’t? The mechanism for output from either track is identical, so you should see the Stereo Out on both tracks (via the e button).

So next step is to see if a bare audio track without the BiasFX plug in goes to the Stereo Out. You don’t need any plugins to hear audio.

You should be able to play the guitar with no plugins through an audio track, just to entirely isolate the issue to either Bias or Cubase.

I am trying to cast my mind back a few years to when I first started because I know there were silly things that happen which simply don’t happen because I don’t do them!.

Thanks for all you help so far Ian - I do appreciate it! Bare audio yields the same results as did trying to use a microphone. In fact anything that is plugged into the AI has not worked so far. I have a toggle switch (Direct mono/Direct Stereo/USB) on the AI and if I switch away from USB, sound does come through the speakers but not via cubase. I assume I am wanting to use the USB only setting for cubase?
Bias FX 2 works fine as a standalone - not sure if this helps.
Anyway below is a screen shot of the bare audio setup page to check I have done it correctly, plus a shot of my VST plugin manager for Bias, in case that sheds any light on it.

Does windows have to have any permissions with microphone input on system level like MacOs?
and when you say “the sound is shown coming in on the guages”
do you mean a full blown signal when you play or a tiny tiny signal all the time?

Yes, the audio-in channel gauges seem to respond in a similar way to midi-in channels even with the smallest of string touches.
I cannot find anything on line about permissions for windows.

These are really all of the settings you get in windows that I can find…

Lets try importing a audio file and place that on a audio track
routing to stereo out
start a fresh project with only a audio track and the right routing
is there sound?

Yes there is sound from the imported audio file!

allright! then we know Cubase works as it should.

So the only thing I can think of then, is either your interface settings or settings in Bias.

What you can do to eliminate the interface is trying to load up the Steinberg AmpSim, see if that works.

Here is ampsim, still no sound. Again, input meters all looking good but output meter shows nothing.

hmm I am starting to run out of ideas :sweat_smile:
can you make a little video file where you strum the guitar, So we can see the meters and stuff

Not sure if this will work…

Did not, use or something or other video host

Ok Try this: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

It’s really weird because usually if there is something wrong with the output, the sound will still travel to the stereo out bus, then stop.

But what happens when you record the guitar, try that.

It is recording the guitar track (I guess as sound is coming in, that makes sense) but still no sound out: