Big Band score with Horns Reduction

hi all,
sorry for the trivial question, I couldn’t find the solution by reading the manual and in the forum, I would like to create a Big Band template like the one in the attached photo in which to write and listen to the result. For the rhythm section there’s no problem, it’s the horn part that I can’t get the same way. Thank you all

Do you ultimately need to produce separate parts for each instrument? If so, you’ll need to add each trumpet as a separate player and use condensing to show them on one staff in the score.

If you don’t need to use the player names anywhere else, you could rename all the saxophone, trumpet, and trombone players to have the same player names (i.e. “Saxophones”, “Trumpets”, and “Trombones”) and use player names for all of them in score staff labels – that way, when they’re condensed, their names will consolidate and you’ll see a single plural name in the staff labels.

It’s not quite as immediately neat for the “Saxophones” label centered between the two staves; I suspect there is a way of getting that whilst still benefitting from condensing, but I can’t quite think of it off the top of my head I’m afraid.

(If you didn’t need to produce individual parts, for the Saxophones you could use a section player and divide it instead, for example.)

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