Big Band Template -score order

just a minor wish for a future update:
Is it possible that you could edit the score order in the Big Band Horns-template so it matches the standard look, which is:

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll take care of this.

Thanks Daniel! :smiley:

if/when you update the Big Band Horns-template with the right score order, it’d be great if you also could remove the sub brackets.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

…and replace trombone 4 with a Bass Trombone. :slight_smile:

The ensembles cannot determine bracketing, I’m afraid, so you’ll still need to change the layout options for bracketing.

Well, i just saw that when using the Big Band Horns-template and the Big Band bracketing, it adds sub brackets to all instruments to each section, which isn’t a common standard. Easy to delete and no big deal, but anyway… :slight_smile:

@dspreadbury , may I have just a minor wish for the Big Band template…?!
It’d be nice if Trombone 4 could be a Bass Trombone instead. Really easy to change manually of course, but since this is the standard setup it’d be great to have that from the start.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


If the big band set up is revisited, I’d love an option to have the full staff name labelling just at the top of the staff group too as this is very common in jazz scores. When conducting, I mostly am following along with the lead players and this setup makes it much easier to instantly locate the staff. If you think about how the eye is drawn this makes sense. Look to the name and you are instantly on the correct staff. With normal centered labelling the eye looks to the label, then has to look up and locate the staff, which is less efficient. Here’s how I have my default set up anyway:

+1 and also vertical (rotated) group names would be nice.



You could open a big band template, make any changes you like, and save that as your working template. Additionally, this template could have a 4/4 meter already set, and a suitable number of blank measures, as well as custom playing techniques, symbol settings, etc., etc.

I’m perfectly willing to change the default instruments in the big band template, if there’s consensus that bass trombone is more useful than a fourth trombone.


Regardless of whether that player is labelled “Bass Trombone” or “Trombone 4” that player will almost certainly be holding a bass trombone, and thus it is assumed can play lower than E2. I think calling it “Trombone 4” and assuming the player has a bass trombone is slightly more commonly found, but calling it a “Bass Trombone” is certainly common too. I tend to just call it “Trombone 4” as it seems slightly less fussy, but it’s not as accurate, and I don’t think Dorico really has a naming mechanism to allow a different instrument to be counted with the tenor trombones, is there? Switching the template to bass trombone would allow the playback VST to be properly loaded and the instrument range to be correct too, so that’s probably the best option.

Here’s the start of an arrangement I wrote to feature Joey DeFrancesco last year where the tune opens with a bass trombone alone on a nice honking low G, but I still just called it “Trombone 4.” I don’t think there’s any way to do that in a template as it would always require an override, right?

In fact the fourth trombone in the Big band template is already a bass trombone, so I don’t think there’s anything for us to change at the moment.

We don’t currently have a means in the way we define our template recipes to override the name of an instrument, only the player holding the instrument, so it’s not possible to create the override in the way you describe.