big latency of UR12 with pro tools

Huy guys

I recently got my first Steinberg UR-12. I installed drivers from internet and tried to record guitar in pro tools ( since I worked in pro tools early ).

In pro tools there are internal monitor - so you can listen already recorded drums and record guitar simultaneosly and you will hear some processed sound on computer during playing. If you will use such monitor on Steinberg UR12 box - you will hear just clean guitar that not fit to me.

So. When I recorded track, I discovered that my guitar track has a latency! Guitars move ahead on 50 ms than drums! It happens because drivers sent recorded guitar to phones with 50 ms latency and I played 50 ms faster that I should to compensate that.

That’s very unpleased and uncomfortable thing for recording. It’s also weird because before I just used realtek hardware with asio drivers on pro tools and I didn’t have latency problem! What I should do to fix this ? 50 ms is just unbelievable thing !!