big Mixer routing questions - please help!

For some reason I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this (despite watching the videos, etc.):

  • insert a 3rd-party reverb plug-in (such as the Lexicon Plate verb, etc.) onto an Aux track.
  • bus to that verb from various individual tracks (as one might do in a program like Logic Pro).

At first, I presumed that the way to do this MIGHT be to go to the “Reverb” track that seems to automatically appear (to the far right, just to the left of the stereo “Output” in the Dorico 2 Mixer) and replace the default Verb insert there (the LA Studio Reverence) with my own 3rd party verb. If this is the case, then I’m presuming that one way to achieve the above would be to:

  • replace LA Studio Reverence with my 3rd party reverb (LexPlate)
  • on the individual instrument tracks in the first “Send” slot, choose “FX Reverb”, and this will send to the “Reverb” track (to the left of “Output”) using whatever I’ve inserted on that track (in this case LexPlate). But is this the case? (just triple-checking).

I’m presuming by the same token, that I could then conceivably insert other fx plug-ins on the same “Insert” area of the “Reverb” bus, and that sending to “FX Reverb” from an instrument would result in the track I’m sending from similarly being affected by whatever is inserted on the “Reverb” track? (just checking!)

And if the above IS the case, then what is the purpose of the 2nd through 4th “Send” slots on the individual instrument tracks? Right now they all only seem to be able to default to “FX Reverb” (which would seem redundant).

Is there, in fact, any way to set up 2 separate aux busses for my project: 1 with just “LexPlate”, and another with just “LexHall”, and then be able to independently bus to either from any instrument track (which obviously would be typical and desirable).

Sorry I’m not getting how the mixer is currently set up (and again I have tried to research this) and thanks in advance for any help!

  • D.D.

You are correct that you should be able to replace the current reverb with your own choice. Currently it’s not possible to add more FX channels, though this is something we hope to address in the future. So although the channel strip shows 4 sends, it’s only possible to send to one at the moment.