Big printing problems (no WYSIWYG)

I am in trouble. I finished writing a piano piece and wanted to print. What I get as preview, on paper and as PDF are NOT what is on screen. I have only a couple of days left before the deadline.

When printing, Dorico (Windows 10) is

  • moving bars to different locations and systems,
  • printing hairpins when only TEXT ‘dim.’ written (properties checked),
  • printing (dashed) lines when only text ‘rit.’ written (properties checked),
  • printing mysterious double hairpins
  • and so on.

I sure have also tried to change the layout in Engrave mode already many times. Doesn’t help.

Please compare the attached images and tell me what to do to be able to print WYSIWYG (vertical “panorama”, because the forum doesn’t let upload the 8 images separate – when opened, click to make bigger). Thank you so much.

Are you 100% sure that these two fields (plus the layout you’re looking at in Engrave mode) match?

My suspicion is that you’re working on the Full Score layout but then printing the Piano Part layout, or vice-versa. It’s the obvious explanation for all of the things you’ve mentioned.

I think Leo is correct, Jode. Confirm your layout. WYSIWYG in Dorico is so thoroughly predictable that it surely must be user error… which is good news!

Thank you so much, Pianoleo and Dan. Because this is piano only, I didn’t even think about separate piano and full score layouts. Shame on me. Now that I switched to piano, everything is fine.

Thank you very much, Pianoleo and Dan! :slight_smile:

I’m glad we got to the bottom of that one quickly. For future reference, in a solo piano piece you can always delete either the score layout or the part layout - that way there’s no risk of printing the wrong one!