Big Problem on 64bit Drivers on Cubase 5

hello all…
my Audio Card is: Digi 003, i’m working on Protools 8 and Cubase 5, i wanted to install a new system Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, cause now i’ave 8GB memory.
in my older version of Windows XP Pro 32Bit there is no problem. when i tried the new system i had problems with my sound card Asio only in Cubase 5… the protools was working perfect… i tried to install older versions of protools that the drivers will match and it didn’t work… and sure i tried to install the new version of Cubase 5.3 and 5.5/

what can i do??? that i could work with my 003 with Cubase 5 on a system of 64 Bit ???

I have been having the same issue and found that the only way around it is to use the DIGI003 drivers called v8.0.3b, this is the only one that works smoothly. In the meantime we either wait for new ones to be released or get another card.
How have you been getting on since?