Big problem to install Cubase 7 after I deleted it - help

I deleted before a few days Cubase 7 from my PC, after there was a alot of problem, i did not can’t saw basic effect in the program like “sends effect” (Reverb and more… there was gone!)

So i deleted all the programs with all the VST (Hallion sonic, Grove agent…)

Now i try to install from new… and I cant! the programs install wrote for me - “No change”
print screen -

What can i do ? (by the way… sorry if my english is bad…this is not my native language)


Have you deleted it through your Control panel, or just from Windows Explorer/Shell?

from the Control Panel

Are you sure you are using the “full” installation file, and not just an update?

To complete what I just said: your picture says you are trying to install an update, but that you no longer have Cubase installed.
Therefore, you should do the full install (see my link above), and THEN install 7.06 update.

Good luck!

Thank you all !!! suddenly seems to me that you are right … The file I downloaded was only 500 MB … It probably just update … I’m downloading now what you have attached