Big Problem with Izotope Neutron 4 on C13 / Win11

After installation of Izotope Neutron 4 I faced
strange behavior! I am also using Izotope Nectar 4 and Ozone 11 without problems.

This happened for all projects on C13.0.21 and also C12.

Audio tracks are replayed, but not on the position I have select. Only the Locator area is played!

MIDI (VST instruments) and instrument tracks played no sound, but playing on the Cubase Keyboard in the Editor creates sounds. Also playing on the keyboard of a VST creates sound. But no track midi note is played.


Here no sound is played, notes are coming from Cubase track

Notes played on the keyboard of the vst instrument are replayed correct

Also notes in the editor Cubase keyboard are played well.

now it works.

I uninstalled Neutron and Neoverb and Cubase works fine!

Nevertheless: these Izotope products were not used in the tested projects, so I am a bit confused…

And I am confused, how a third party plugin can cause such massive problems. Must be somehow nested into the mixer area without selection. But why was no track note played?

Anyone else with similar issues?
My system setup:
Cubase 13.0.21
Win 11 / i7-14700k / 64GB RAM
Focusrite Scarlett 4i4
Maschine Mikro Mk3


Hi guys,
stupid question:
could such a problem be caused by Efficiency core handling of a i7-14700K?
Can’t believe that a 3rd party plugin can “shut down” core functions of Cubase that way…