Big Sur Support for CI2


I could not find another category for CI2 and therefore I decided to write my questions here.
I have a CI2 and been using it without any problem for many years on Windows. However, I changed my PC and bought a Big Sur Mac with Intel processor. Then I saw that CI2 did not work (actually Mac did not recognised CI2 as a sound input) and I found that it was announced on last February that tests are ongoing for compatibility on Big Sur.

Question is, when will these tests be finished? There is no target date for CI2. I am afraid Apple will announce or publish macOS 12 before or just after these tests fulfilled. So, for each update should I wait for a solution for months? If yes, is it still worth to use your hardwares or should I sell it and buy another branded plug’n play interface to avoid these problems?

I am really surprised because of this inability of Steinberg and this is a huge negative impact for a customer.



I’ve done the latest Big Sur update and Cubase 11
Got my cc121 out today as I’m concentrating on using Cubase more .
With the latest tools download and using usb and the 12v power supply it’s working great.
I admit when I first run Cubase it didn’t show up, but after a reboot of my iMac it was fine.

I have a Steinberg CI2 Advanced Integration USB Studio that I use with an AKG Perception P120 mic, plugged into my 2013 MacBook Pro, to use with GarageBand. I’ve been using this for my voice acting for 15 years. I just had to wipe my MacBook because it was typing extra characters, and now I can’t get it to detect the Steinberg, even though I’ve installed the CI2 driver. I can’t remember if I had tried using it after updating to Big Sur. I just called Apple Support and the woman said that some older devices don’t work with Big Sur. But, I think Big Sur came out months ago, no? I’ve been using my mic since then. I just haven’t recorded anything for about a week.