Big time signatures in band/wind ensemble music

Hello all,
I am writing with what I hope will be a simple thing to implement in a future update.

Right now, for people using big time signatures in orchestral music, Engraving Options/Time signatures has a helpful option to select, for “instruments between brass and strings” choosing between “treat as a single bracket” or “treat separately.” But for wind ensembles, that group of instruments appears below the brass – and if there is a string part (contrabass), that appears directly below the brass. Below contrabass would be that group referred to in the option for orchestra (piano, harp, and, at the bottom, percussion).

My suggestion would be to have an option to have everything below the brass as possibly being a single bracket.

Otherwise, nothing I’ve tried can get me what I want.

David Froom

Thanks for this suggestion, David, which I have noted. I think that in future we may well provide greater control over where large time signatures appear in any case, but in the absence of more direct control this might be something we can add.