Big timing issue importing aiff files!!

Hi Folks,
I’m having a very odd problem when importing aiff files recorded at another studio into an existing Cubase 6 session. The files in question were recorded in Sonar, tracked against time aligned reference mixes exported from the original Cubase session so they should align properly (the exported reference mix, when imported back into the session, is in alignment). However, the new aiff files are somehow playing back as if a couple of seconds has been added to the head of the files. The session and the new files are all using zero/cursor as the starting point and everything is properly aligned. Out of curiosity, I imported the original reference mix and the new files into Reaper and they line up/play back perfectly!? What the heck?? What is Cubase doing?!?! What am I missing?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

When you open the audio event, is the snap point at the beginning of the event, or a couple of seconds in?