Bigger iC Pro?

iC Pro is great for small devices but how about a BIG screen device with a 32 fader mixer with all the main controls and control room settings and so on… :bulb:

Here’s a 23" 10 finger touchscreen controller not 100% there yet but this is what “iC Pro plus” should be like:

This is an amazing looking controller.
Are you considering a commercial release?


I was hoping Steinberg would think about developing something that would install on a bigger screen. I am running Lemur app to run my setup but there are just too many things I don’t have time to do or even know if it’s possible to do using Lemur. Just when a solution comes along to work around a Cubase problem Steinberg can make their own leaving other solutions obsolete.

iC Pro needs more flexible GUI configuration options, both automatically and manually set, as well as cater for some of the major RC device type uses, such as blocks of mixer channels, while keeping its unique functionality, like cue mixing.

Given that Android is on devices from 4" to 12", it currently only has two information densities, which is rather limiting. And if Win10 takes off enough for SB to consider a version of iC Pro for it, touch screen sizes have no limit, so their hobbled GUI thinking may need an overhaul.

Of course, this would require that SB continues to think iC Pro still has some merit, as its development seems to have slowed in recent months, indicating a lack of commitment to what has been a very worthwhile product for some.

It has been a great tool for me.
It’s a very responsive controller.
I hope they continue progress with it.

As I use it …
Even on the relatively small iPad if you could put group faders in the top window, for me that would improve its functionality greatly.

Patanjali, if you look at my YouTube video you will see I am using a 23" touch screen on an Android TV box the resolution is already greater than a 12" screen now we just need Steinberg to make IC Pro use this resolution sensibly.