Bigger notes and staves for children scores

Hello! Is there any way to increase the size of staves and notes. I am writing some piano exercises for children I would like the music notation to be large enough so that it can be easily read (maybe double the size of a usual score). Thanks! :blush:

Setup menu > Layout Options > Page Setup > Space Size.

Just wondering… why should children need larger notes? Their eyes are better than ours and printing with larger notes just reduces the ability to see the overview of a score or to be able to read ahead. Larger isn’t really ‘easier’, is it?

Early piano method books always have larger staves and notes. I’m sure there’s a sound pedagogical reason for it.

Thank you Rob! That was exactly what I was looking for! :ok_hand:

I’m well-aware of that and I’m not trying to be provocative; I was just wondering why. The argument, ‘it’s always done that way’ isn’t necessarily valid.

My supposition is that at the point that children are starting to learn an instrument, they may still be learning to read and write their spoken language. Certainly in this country, we start with big handwriting. Big music notation = enough space for children to write things in.

Yes, when it comes to writing it does certainly help to have the staves larger. There is no way that my 5 year old daughter could write a note head within the lines of a staff.

Having said that, my early high school students also benefit from a larger staff. I format mine with a touch wider spacing up to Year 9 (14-15 year olds!).

It’s mainly because there’s less overwhelming information on one page. It’s much easier to focus on four bars if there are only four bars.