BIN/CUE, ISO, or something for Toast users

I usually make either DDP files, individual WAV files, or physical CD-Rs for clients but I have a certain client asking for an iso file for Toast. I’m not sure why they don’t choose to burn CD-Rs from the HOFA DDP Player I provide them but my question is here is what is the best way to make a Toast friendly set of files from a montage for the client to make audio CD-Rs from? It sounds like the band is making a few hundred CD-Rs on their own and prefer to burn in Toast rather than HOFA DDP Player for whatever reason.

I want them to be able to burn quality CD-Rs with audio quality and CD-Text in tact. I might have them convinced to use the HOFA DDP Player which I think is the best solution, but I want to have a plan B if they insist on getting a Toast friendly file.

I see that File>Special>Add to CD/DVD option has an iso option but it renders so fast that I don’t believe it’s rendering my inserted plugins, and also, the copy of Toast Burn that I have doesn’t recognize the generated file. Maybe it would be best to use File>Special>Add to CD/DVD on the DDP I have rendered so that all plugin processing is surely included.

If anybody has any advice on making a bin/cue or iso file from a montage that a client can easily use with Toast, it would be great to know.


I don’t know Toast. What I know, is that the ISO format does not cover Audio CD. I guess your user is asking for a way to burn a CD from the material you would return to him, and he is using the word ISO by mistake.

I don’t know why people ask for ISO images of audio CDs so often, but they do. Not sure where they’re getting that. But it goes way back:

You can make a WAV/CUE in Wavelab and turn it into a BIN/CUE using the info in the link above, and the additional info below. That works with Toast.
In the render dialog “Create CD Image and Cue Sheet”. Change the extension of the resulting .wav file to .bin.
Open the .cue file (ctrl click - select TextEdit to open) and edit the cue file changing .wav to .bin. And change WAVE to BIN. Remove the path completely, leaving only the audio filename between the quotes. Not sure if it carries all the CD Text and ISRC, but I think it does.

Or better yet, just get them to use the DDP.

This is likely because the client has duplication hardware which uses Toast.

Thank you for the detailed steps. I think I finally have them convinced to use the DDP but I wanted to be ready to make a functional bin/cue for Toast if they insist. I remember reading about it on one of the forums but wasn’t haven’t any luck doing a search.