Binaural export on Cubase 12

Hey guys!
I’m trying to understand how to export a binaural stereo file from Cubase, which appears to be surprisingly had. I don’t have any problems with Atmos for example, as I’m able to create the project and then export the ADM file, but can’t see a way to export a binaural one.

I followed this guide from Greg Ondo step by step, but I still get a regular stereo file though. The only thing that changed is that I’m using “Resonic” player, instead of apple music, and just because I’m on Windows. Could that be a reason why I still hear a normal stereo file? I doubt it, because if I take a look at the waveform on the player, it’s clear that when the source goes on the rear, I actually only hear less volume on L/R, but again I followed the guide precisely…Any thoughts?