Binaural head tracking for Dolby Atmos monitoring

Dr. Wagner has another great video, this time on using the Atmos Composer (Dolby Renderer alternative) along with a plugin called Virtuoso to do head tracked biaural monitoring.

The problem with the Dolby Renderer, and every other Atmos capable binauralizer I’ve seen so far is they don’t support head tracking which means the effect is just not that convincing, at least to me. There is software like Waves Nx that does support headtracking and gives a much better result, but it is limited to 7.1.

Virtuoso can do 9.1.6 and can take OSC headtracking data. That should lead to a much more realistic binaural image, much more like what you’d get with real speakers for monitoring. Also while he uses the Atmos Composer, in Nuendo it would work fine with the Dolby Renderer, or anything else you wanted, Virtuoso is a separate plugin and also runs in standalone mode.