Binaural (Hypnotic/Meditation) Beats - Anyone Know How?

I’ve noticed that when done well, the binaural music does have an effect on brain, mind. Essentially it is the mixing of two different frequencies to result in a third going from beta or normal brain activity all the way to theta or alpha – deep relaxation, meditational space. But much of what is out there so far is boring or so un-melodic and white-noise sounding. I have to also emotionally enjoy what I’m hearing. On rare occasions, I run into something I like but I want to know how to do that my own in Cubase 6 with my own melodies, etc.

Below is an old tutorial by some young guy for doing so in Audacity including the calculation of the frequencies, but I couldn’t hear the result (no sound when he plays the finished mix). But flawed or not, the the principle in this video must be the same whatever software one uses.

Is there anyone who has done this in Cubase – and is there a chart or map or whatever on how to set the different combinations?


“How to make binaural beats with music” -


There is no binaural panorama in the Cubase. But you can use 3rd party plug-ins, of course.

A few years back I used a third party program for this with great success. It allowed me to choose the tones and the distance in apart (frequency in Hz), and then I could create a map that made the beats (the variation in frequency) slow down and speed back up over time. If I remember correctly, I started out at around 18Hz apart, then slowed it down when the hypnotist counted down, getting even slower for the main part of the session and maintaining it, then speeding it back up to normal when the hypnotist counted back out of the session.

I then composed some ‘wallpaper’ music centered around the tones so that it was perceived as part of the music rather than an annoyance. The music would fade in and out at times, but the tones were constant. It made a huge difference in the effectiveness of the hypnosis compared to our previous projects without the tones.

I’m sorry I don’t remember the name of the program, but a Google search might turn it up.

Thanks you both for your replies.

Before posting the question I had Googled around and only found one now seemingly unavailable app for this, but I’ll try with the word “plugin” and see what happens. Later, I also sent an inquiry at the contact page for the Audio Engineering Society for any suggestions since I’d found a promo about one of their convention talks on binaural technology. I live on a limited income so will have to finagle this in some free/freeware or cheap plugin, etc. way. Where there is a will there is a way…

This is what your after…99 euros, but well worth it for your 'career".

I found the link: Brain Wave Generator. It is not a plugin. In order to use it effectively, you’ll need to make a list of the time hitpoints of your hypnosis session so that you can program the generator to speed up or slow down the ‘beats.’

bigearz - Thanks for link. I’ve downloaded the app and it looks like there is enough info at the site about the how-to-binaural to at least get a working sense of the principles and experiment with this.

Discoworx - Thanks for you link too though I can’t afford it at this juncture. However I really like what seems to be a very intuitive way to mix music and sound binaural or not and may be worth the investment at some point – I’m from the Pink Floyd and Vangelis generation where a sense of 3D sonic texture is important :slight_smile:

P.S. While I might not be able to afford the full version/s at Longcat, I’ve just downloaded AudioStage Lite, the freeware app and that will at least improve my spatial mixing. So thanks again.

I have one video related to Binaural Meditation: