Binaural render phase issue

Hello everyone, today I tried to perform this test that I would like to share with you to understand whether I made a mistake or if there is an error in the render.

In the image below, you can see the recording of three streams of the same track:

  • the binaural bounce of Nuendo’s internal render
  • the binaural emitted by Amazon Music
  • the binaural emitted by Apple Music

As you can see, the bounce of the internal render is completely phase-inverted compared to the other two. Does anyone have an explanation?

So let me get this: The first one is your own render, which is the correct one, while the other two are already processed by Amazon and Apple, respectively, by their own system in their own server / building?

If that is the case, well, you have to contact Amazon and Apple to have them correct this rather big issue.

I think that binaural rendering plays on phase, or on aspects that involve phase, among other manipulations. And everyone has their own recipe.

But I could be wrong.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s the Nuendo rendering that is wrong?

What is the workflow for Amazon and Apple? Is the source the same as Nuendo’s internal renderer? Like a 5.1 track or similar?

The source of the Nuendo render is my mix project, just bounce the render in “binaural” setting.
The source of Amazon an Apple is the jack out of my iphone, recorded in my sound card

Lot of variables here.

So, what is supplied to the Amazon and Apple services doing the (possible) transcoding and the (from what I understand) streaming? This is what I was referring as the “source”. If it’s a stereo binaural file, are the upload settings to Amazon and Apple clear on the fact that it is a binaural file?

If the comparison is based on what you’re describing, maybe:

  • the analog output of the iPhone is reversing polarity
  • the cable to connect the iPhone to the sound card is reversing polarity
  • the input of the sound card is reversing polarity, in the analog domain or the digital domain.

So, there are lot of places where that polarity gets possibly reversed.

:+1: … These are certainly the most obvious variables that must be ruled out as a source of error first and foremost.

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