I hacve an Intel DQ77CP and i5 3470 motherboard
I’m having glitsches when playing a project and editing at the same time.
Is there a way to set up the cpu part of the motherboard (Hyperthreading etc) ?
Also i’m using the i5 graphics should i buy a PCI-E orAGP card ?

I think you should increase the buffer size of your sound interface

OK Thanks
I’ve just read some articles on the Steinberg site about pc components
So, should i use ASIO guard or disable hyperthreading ?

If the average load on the performance meter in Cubase doesn’t display extreme utilization and the overall real-time peak isn’t getting near to red all the time but you get spikes anyway that result in pops and clicks it might help to optimize your bios settings. Look for cpu power settings and switch off all power saving options like c-states and speedstep. Also turning off turbo mode so the cpu runs stable at the stock speed can help stabilizing things. You can try if switching off hyperthreading helps but this is not always the case for every configuration. And make sure you have your power settings in windows set to high performance or use the Steinberg powerscheme. You can also play around with asio guard and see if that helps.
On the other hand if you notice a fairly high average load the best thing to do is to increase the buffer size of your audio interface until you won’t get the clicks anymore. When mixing the increased latency won’t matter. Only with playing/recording real time.

Thanks I’ll try that tomorrow