bit 32-64

Ha! finally found that button… but:
I installed CB 7 on my imac 27" quad core in 32 bit mode. In 32 bit I have problems with the 64 bit Native Instruments Session Horns. What should I do if I want to put the 64 bit version on the mac instead? OS x.6.8


Well on a PC you’d rerun the install and select 64-bit when prompted. Likely the same on a Mac.

Basically highlight the Cubase 7 icon, press Apple-i and the click the option that says open in 64 bit mode.

If you are running 10.6.8 then you can run 64 bit apps no problem but remember the only advantage will come if you have more than 4gb of RAM.

There are no additional benefits with 64bit.

Apologies if you already knew this…

OK; what’s apple i ?

Apple + i … historical for: Command + i on mac :slight_smile:

Thanks friends! I finally found the info right in knowledge base with your help. Question answered.

And…let me say that it works a LOT better. :smiley: