Bit depth of Halion Sonic SE 2 sounds.

how can I know the bit depth of Halion Sonic SE 2 sounds?

Thanks in advance.

It doesn’t matter as long as you like the sound of them, once played by Halion they will become whatever the bit depth and sample rate your project is.

Hi Peppapig,
sorry for the lateness of reply, I’ve been very busy.
So, I don’t really understand what you’re telling me.
For example: project bit depth should only concern recorded or imported audio files,
Cubase internal bit depth is instead 32 bit floating point.
In this case, two things are possible:

  1. Halion Sonic SE 2 sampled sounds have been sampled with 32 bit floating point depth
  2. they’ve been sampled with different bit depth and “read” by Cubase at 32 f.p.

Sample rate should have a different treament I think.
Cubase can take it’s sample rate to 192 kHz. Are those sounds really sampled like that?

How can one know?
Would have been nice if manuals or Media Bay told those things…