Bitwig - competition is great

Anyone tried it? Osx. Pc & Linux.

you’re joking right?


Are we really at the point where we think that it’s is cool to discuss another dev’s product that directly competes with Cubase?

Sure hope not!

But this is the ‘lounge’ so almost anything about music is allowed
but I agree with Jeff’s question.

May not be very ‘cool’.

Well it’s £250.00p I won’t be spending !! :nerd:

what’s the difference between talking about a new program like Bigwig and people plaguing the cubase 7 forum with comparisons with Logic and protools ???
If it’s good enough for them then Bigwigs can join the club as far as im concerned and im sure if Steinberg was against it they would of remove the thread instead of just moving it .

Im going to try Bigwigs ,im looking for something new as I’ve now reached to point with cubase that i don’t like the way it’s heading , ive been using cubase for 27 years now and im not interested in any touch screen Daw design so for me in a years time bigwigs will be getting my cash instead of Steinberg

Tried the demo, can’t be arsed with it, I have enough software.

Tried Bitwig, it is wonderful. Will certainly use it more than Cubase, buying it no doubt. It has everything I was requesting from Steinberg to implement in Cubase. Perfect creation tool. Cubase will still be used here for mixing final tracks, but creation process will move to Bitwig. Super fast, super smooth, great sounding. It is just too good for me to not use it. Great DAW!

I’ve spent a few hours with it and I really like it. Since it’s version 1 it’s lacking some important features, but what’s there is implemented in a smart way. As a long time happy Cubase user, Bitwig feels more intuitive than Ableton Live, I think, and by time it will become a really strong DAW.

I downloaded the Demo last night and i must say within 5 mins i was loving it and the “bounce in place” is not only brilliant it’s also instantaneous ,very impressive for a very new Daw :wink:

I started this thread. I have mixed feelings. For me it feels too dance focused. I missed cubase after ten minutes. Mostly because u know it so well but also features like expression maps and notes. One thing Bitwig has over cubase is gui. Cubase is a bit to cartoon for me. It should have a new pro gui. Still dark though. More Yamaha vibes would be great.

In all honesty, being completely fair, I held my comments on BiP there until I got to try it.

The one really nice thing about it isn’t so much - what - it does, bounce clips directly, but that it can do it on the same track due to the hybrid track. That’s pretty cool. Other than that, I was not impressed. It doesn’t save the other clip like a freeze, there’s no way revert from a bounce, so you must take steps to copy the original clip first, or risk losing it. Great idea, but somewhat comparatively limited in potential use.

It’s (except for undo or manually backing up) destructive.

If they make it bounce in place but keep the original clip as an unused take or something (automatically) and also optionally unload and reload VI’s when you bounce (and allow reverting like freeze) it will be much more powerful.

Is this really a competition to Cubase?

I just hope that in all fairness, some of you are running a thread in the Bitwig forum, giving them an earful of how this, that and the other feature should be more like Cubase.

I don’ t think Bitwig has official forum.

They do. It’s over on KVR.

Note to self: whatever new features they put into their DAW doesn’t help if they do not offer the same comprehensive key command management as Cubase. :unamused:

you can not compare Bitwig with Cubase.
these are two completely different concepts:

  • Bitwig is pattern/loop/clip based
  • Cubase is timeline based (!)