Bitwig just added new MIDI plugins - Cubase SX3 era MIDI plugins neeed updated and new added

New Note FX in Bitwig Studio 4.1 - YouTube

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Ya if Cubase had a similar set up midi plugins, I’d use them constantly.

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Wow, nice.

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Don’t know much about Bitwig but that video certainly makes it look really slick. :face_with_monocle:

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If I were to dabble with a secondary DAW, it’s probably be Bitwig.

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It does, and has had for decades. I’d like to know whether there’s anything that the Bitwig MIDI processors do that can’t be done in Cubase using MIDI realtime parameters and effects.

Didn’t you watch the video?

It’s probably just a matter of opinion.
I think the whole point is that the SX3 options were fine in 2004…but BW is far more slick and conducive to MY creative process anyway. I just wish I could rewire it (or similar) because ultimately, I will continue to work in Cubase.

I did, but I’m not seeing anything that I would find useful that would be impossible in Cubase. That’s not a criticism though, and it’s wonderful to see the work that Bitwig developers have put into this, and great that so much thought is again being devoted to MIDI.

Although the MIDI effects in Cubase have gotten a facelift in recent years, agreed, they haven’t really been functionally developed very much since SX3, and Bitwig has done a nice job in putting everything in one place with a workflow-friendly GUI, whereas in Cubase you would need a combination of MIDI effects, parameters, quick controls and logical edits and functions and possibly macros to do achieve anything similar – and that’s a lot of steep learning curves!

Because it’s MIDI, if you have a hardware MIDI interface you should be able to cable a hardware MIDI output from Bitwig to a hardware MIDI input to Cubase.

There was nothing in the Bitwig MIDI note functions that I would use very often. Then again, I am very deliberate in how I compose and record my music. I don’t rely on “humanize” and “randomize” functions much.

What I would like to see in Cubase 12 is a brand new arpeggiator. The current arpeggiator dating back to Cubase SX has some interesting and useful patterns. But it could add even more variations (and yes, some cool some randomization options). I’m thinking something like the arpeggiator in Spectrasonics’ Omnisphere 2.5+.

A composer only has abstract control of an orchestra