Bizarre mid-flow staff spacing change in galley mode

Hello all.

I’m experiencing a very strange phenomenon in a piece I’m working on (Ein deutsches Requiem). Once everything was imported, I went to change the player names to German, and reset the instrument names as well.

This resets the solo Baritone to “Bariton” rather than “Solo Bariton”, so I went to un-solo the player, then re-solo the player, thinking that’s faster than going and manually writing out the Solo bit, and also in case there’s anything behind-the-scenes that’s happening when assigning a player as a solist. The result:

This also happens with French, for what it’s worth, and only on movements with a solist.

I’ve attached the .dorico file as well, if anyone can reproduce it.

  1. Change instrument language to something not English (French or German in my case)
  2. Change Bariton soloist to non-soloist in Layout mode
  3. Change Bariton back to soloist.

Weird spacing appears(?).
[edit] I should have said, this does not affect the output in Engrave mode at all, nor Print.[/edit]
[2nd edit]Oh, this goes away with a save and reload, but I am puzzled as to how it’s happening otherwise[/2nd edit]
Brahms—Ein deutsches Requiem - Herr, lehre doch mich.dorico (3.3 MB)

What’s happening is that when you toggle a player between being a soloist or not, the bracketing changes, which causes the staff spacing to change. However, Dorico isn’t chasing the change in spacing all the way through to the end of the flow for some reason. I’ve made a note of this and will look into it when I get a chance.

In the meantime, as you’ve found, the problem is transitory and cosmetic only.

Thanks, that’s all I was looking for :slight_smile: