Bizarre sidechain behavior with VPS MidiBay

Does anyone else here use VPS MidiBay and Sidechain compressor?

I was not getting the results I was expecting today while trying to export stems for this project I’m just finishing up. It is a very complicated (for me) project with around 120 tracks all going to about 15 groups with lots of sidechaining on several tracks and groups and lots of dynamic eqing that is all sidechaining to and from various groups to other groups and individual tracks, etc…a real eye crosser!

Anyway I was having issues with the sidechain not triggering while I was exporting groups. I sat down tonight and did several tests (17 to be exact) and here’s what I discovered:

If you use MidiBay to trigger sidechain on audio tracks or groups, the side chain WILL NOT work unless you route the MidiBay output to a group. It doesn’t matter what group you route to but you have to be sure it’s not routed to the main output. I don’t understand why this is the case, and I think it’s a bug because it doesn’t make sense why you only need to route it to one group, but there you go!

I’m just thankful that you only need to route to one group because I was starting to think that I was going to need to copy a new instance of the midibay for each group and then route that individually.

Did you log a ticket with Vengeance?

Irrelevant. The point of this post is to help any others here that also use the plugin. But with that said, yes I just did email them.