Bizarre tempo variations

Using Dorico 3.5 score containing a single bass track, tempo set at q = 114 at the 1st bar suddently reverts to 72 later without any thing to request that… That can be heard from the Dorico beeps as well as one can see a change in the play track corresponding to it.

For sure I entered the notes before setting the tempo, but that seems really weird. No idea of what to do . Thanks in advance for your help

It looks like you entered “Piano and Flute” using the tempo popover, perhaps? If you add a “tempo” indication but don’t provide a metronome marking, Dorico defaults to 72.

The better way to label these staves would be to use System Text, Alt-Shift-X.

I remember I used Shift-T to create those text pieces, probably because this shortcut appears right after the one of system text in thecreate menu and I didn’t notice the mistake

Thanks for the insight