Bizarre Trill Playback issue

I haven’t seen any mention of this, but I’m having trill issues. Adding some double trills using two voices starts out fine, but then the trills start to appear on notes which don’t have any trills and are not even close to the trill marks. By the end of the piece, almost every note that is long enough is played with a trill. I’ve attached a project file excerpt with the playback template included.

Thanks for your help.
Gruetznach Vol - Flow (1.33 MB)

  1. Update to Dorico 3.5.10. It won’t cost you anything and it does seem to make a marked improvement to this file - I happen to be running both 3.5.0 and 3.5.10 here so have compared.
  2. You need to be a little more careful with where trills are rhythmically attached. This one, for instance, is set to end at the next downbeat. Nudge it back with Shift-Alt-Left so that it ends before the grace notes.

Hi Leo, thank you once again for your help.

I updated to 3.5.10 tonight, but it is kind of a disaster (please see graphic). I will look into this tomorrow as it is late here.

I was aware the trills needed fine tuning, but there were trills sounding 100’s of measures away from any trill mark, and I am certain none were that badly off the mark.

You need to restart your computer. There are evidently some font changes in 3.5.1 that will only settle once you’ve restarted.

Hi Leo,

Upgrading to 3.5.10 solved all the playback issues, thank you one again!